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Monday, May 20 News

Town is ‘fortunate to have three Cub Scout packs in town and six Boy Scout troops’

To the Editor:

When I was young, it seemed just about every boy did two things — Cub Scouts and baseball.

While “every” may not be the actual case, nobody had to hard-sell these activities. Most, at least, tried them. They were staples of growing up.

Times have changed, but I truly believe parents should encourage their sons to take a look at Scouting. I’ll save baseball for another letter.

Why Scouts?

Boy Scouts, and its younger-aimed program Cub Scouts, are the only active-participation, youth-based, and most importantly, youth-led program focused on character-building and leadership development.

At over 100 years old, this program has stood the test of time and has done so by offering something no others come close to offering.

Scouting isn’t a lecture about growing as a person, it’s a hands-on experience.

The 12 core values of the Scouting program are: citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance and positive attitude.

If you believe those are important qualities to develop and encourage in our youth, you should check out Scouting.

Many people don’t realize Scouting is incredibly flexible. A Scout can commit as much or as little time as he likes.

The program is there year-round, but a Scout can easily fit Scouting in with other activities.

A Scout can go on one, two or 12 campouts a year. A Scout can be unconcerned with advancement or he can go all-in and work his way to Eagle Scout — the highest rank in Scouting.

New Milford is fortunate to have three Cub Scout packs in town and six Boy Scout troops.

Cub Scouts serves boys in kindergarten to fifth grade, and Boy Scouts takes it from there until a Scout turns 18.

If you would like to learn more — and I hope you do — go to www.BeAScout.org or simply email me at matt.higgins@pack467.net.

Matt Higgins


Pack 467

New Milford